Hello researches sustainable solutions to naturally improve nutrition, conditioned today by wrong models and ultra-processed foods. Our mission is to protect people's health and preserve the environment.

Ennoble your vegetable by-product
Optimize the differentiation of company residues
Increase the profit margin on your products
Make a concrete contribution to environmental sustainability

Healty food

Through the application of natural biotechnology, we provide functional fibers and antioxidants already present in nature.
This allows us to develop innovative foods and supplements with high nutraceutical value.

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With our patented technology, we rewrite the future of the food industry, addressing environmental challenges with sustainable solutions in harmony with the circular economy.

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The ingredient that reduces the glycemic index

JAXplus® soluble fiber, applied to foods and drinks, positively influences well-being and health reducing glycemic rise after meals.


The world of Healthy Food and sustainability

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