Extraction of functional Arabinoxylans from plant by-products

In partnership with breweries for the valorization of the threshes left over from production, we extract a selection of Arabinoxylans, fibers that are particularly effective in reducing the glycemic peak during digestion and in reducing insulin stimulation.
Two lines of development:

  • Production of a soluble powder ingredient to add to foods that contain carbohydrates.
  • Using technology in partnership with other companies to create functional foods.

HEALLO has filed Patent Application n. 102019000005588 in Italy on 04/11/2019, with international extension. The Ministry of Economic Development issued the patent certificate for an industrial invention on 02/03/2021.

Another JAXplus® patent involves the extraction of soluble fibers from beetroot matrices. The selection of fiber will be applied to the production of sugar, with a view to valorising the residues of the supply chain to enrich the product by improving its nutritional profile and transforming it into a sugar with low glycemic impact.

The patent also covers the extraction technology from all cereals naturally rich in Arabinoxylans.

HEALLO has filed Patent Application no. 102020000015268 in Italy on 06/25/2020, with international extension. The Ministry of Economic Development issued the patent certificate for an industrial invention on 07/28/2022.


Starting from our patents, HEALLO has created a completely natural innovative process for the extraction of Arabinoxylans (AXOS) from plant by-products, avoiding the use of harmful chemical solvents.
The result is a hydrolyzate of vegetable fiber with high bioavailability, recognized by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority): a powdered ingredient with a neutral flavor that demonstrates the ability to reduce the postprandial glycemic index and demonstrate positive prebiotic effects. This sophisticated compound not only promotes a sense of satiety, but also contributes to

healthy weight control, all without requiring any changes to eating habits and formulations. Our patents constitute tangible proof of HEALLO's innovation in the field of soluble fibers, providing a competitive advantage that allows us to fully apply our know-how to develop unique and cutting-edge products.
We collaborate with companies eager to stand out and embrace the future with a sustainable perspective, leveraging our expertise to create high-quality innovative scientific solutions.



Find out how you can boast the "Low glycemic index" claim by improving the nutritional profile of your products.

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