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Natural foods and supplements: for the wellness of the body, in respect of the environment


JAXplus from barley sources

From barley draff, from the surpluses of beer production, we extract a selection of arabinoxylans, fibres particularly effective in reducing the glycaemic peak during digestion and decreasing insulin stimulation.

There are two development lines: on one side, the production of an ingredient to be added to foods that contain carbohydrates, on the other side, taking advantage of technology in partnership with other companies for the creation of nutraceutical foods.

JAXplus technology has been first applied to brewing: the resulting product is a light beer that is highly digestible.


JAXplus from beet and grain sources

An extension of the JAXplus patent provides for the extraction of arabinoxylans from sugar beet and grain sources. The fibre selection will be applied to the production of sugar, in view of enhancing the process surpluses to enrich the main product of the production itself: from essential basic food, whose abuse is strongly criticised by medical / nutritional science, to food with important nutraceutical value.



From the fermentation of apple juice through the work of microorganisms, a concentration of prebiotic fibres and postbiotic substances of a beneficial action is obtained from totally natural sources. It contains fibres such as pectin, arabinoxylans and bacterial cellulose, substances which produce short chain fatty acids, important allies in the prevention of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


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The JAXplus ingredient, applied to food and drinks, positively influences well-being and health by reducing the glycemic rise after meals.


Heallo never stops: new research is underway in the rice, cocoa and coffee industry sectors.