Green economy

In a circular economy outlook, we valorise production surpluses attributing them with new value.

With our first JAXpluspatent, we proudly began with an element normally considered waste like beer draff, extremely rich from a nutritional point of view, but not easily manageable from a commercial point of view, and, therefore, usually used as fertilizer or animal feed.

The sustainability of the production process is not secondary: those who are attentive to the quality of products today also require greater attention in the use of resources and in the protection of the environment.

Would you like to valorise your food production surpluses?

Heallo gives new meaning to your sustainability.

Your food production surplus waste can become a competitive, environmental, and economic benefit.

Partnership with other companies allows us to create new production processes, using our know-how of natural biotechnological matters to achieve solutions and innovative products.

We mention partnerships because the creation takes place in a process of dynamic exchange, from which each subject can draw value and advantage.

Ennoble your residue in a by-product

with evident economic advantages for your company.

Optimise the separation of business waste

allocating it to new applications
(e.g.: substratum for the growth of microorganisms, fertilizer, animal feed, etc).

Increase the profit margin on the products

acquiring a competitive advantage on the competition.

Contribute concretely to environmental sustainability

which may also mean finding a balance between consumption of resources and their renewal.

Would you like to imagine a future for your food production surpluses?


Case history:

Fravort beer powered by JAXplus

JAXplus, a selection of arabinoxylans, fibres particularly effective in reducing the glycaemic increase after digestion derives from beer draff. Fravort craft beer, thanks to the JAXplus action, becomes a new beer: same flavour but double the amount of soluble fibres. This ratio reduces the glycaemic index by 42% (University of Pavia clinical test), therefore, giving back full lightness also to a carbohydrate-based meal, like pizza and pasta.

Case history:

Godja chocolate powered by JAXplus

The JAXplus ingredient, completely flavourless and odourless, is added to Godja chocolate (1% of the total recipe): this allows the production of a new chocolate bar full of flavour, that reduces the glycaemic index by 64% (University of Pavia clinical test) maintaining the chocolate pleasure intact.