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Fravort beer powered by JAXplus®

JAXplus® is derived from beer grains, a selection of arabinoxylans, fibers that are particularly effective in reducing the glycemic rise following digestion. Fravort craft beer, thanks to the action of JAXplus®, becomes a new beer: same taste but double quantity of soluble fibre. This intake reduces the glycemic index by 42% (clinical test from the University of Pavia), thus restoring full lightness even to carbohydrate-based meals, such as pizza and pasta.

Godja Chocolate powered by JAXplus®

The JAXplus® ingredient, completely tasteless and odorless, is added to Godja chocolate (1% of the total recipe): this allows the production of a new tasty bar, which reduces the glycemic index by 64% (clinical test University of Pavia) keeping the pleasure of chocolate intact.

Sugar powered JAXplus®

Our JAXplus® patent involves the extraction of soluble fibers from the exhausted pulps of sugar beet processing. The selection of fiber will be applied to the production of sugar to enrich the product, improving its nutritional profile and transforming it into a sugar with a low glycemic impact.


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The JAXplus® ingredient, applied to foods and drinks, positively influences well-being and health by reducing glycemic increases after meals.


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