About us

Improve nourishment, protect health, safeguard the environment: this is the Heallo startup mission.

The core business is that of research in the functional nutrition area: nourishment not only as food or pleasure, but also as a beneficial element for the body’s functions.

Heallo collects the experiences of Francesca Varvello, food technologist, always active in the field of research and recovery of by-products in grain processing, and Franco Varvello, entrepreneur, and marketer in the cereal field.

The Heallo startup has entered the top ten of the Kickstarter 2019 programme and is among the 9 selected by Deloitte for the Food Tech Accelerator project, thanks to the JAXplus patent, the extraction process of soluble fibres which reduce the glycaemic peak after meals.

From food industry surpluses
thanks to biotechnological research
we extract nutritional substances
which improve what we eat
to protect our health while safeguarding the environment

The founders

Francesca Varvello

CEO, tecnologa alimentare

“What has pushed us to create Heallo, a smart food tech business, is the idea of being able to find innovative solutions bringing improvements to the nutrition and health areas. It is by now well-known that foods that are refined and over-processed are the contributing cause of problems such as obesity and diabetes: our commitment goes towards guaranteeing nourishment functional to wellness. All through an extremely rigorous scientific progress and with the utmost respect of environmental resources: we believe the latter, in particular, is a commitment everyone should implement for themselves.”

Franco Varvello

business strategist

“Our mission is “healthy food available for all” and this has distant origins: we are the fourth generation of a family of entrepreneurs in the cereal industry always setting for itself the goal of aiming towards innovation. Values such as transparency, responsibility and safety are grounded in our work methods and today, thanks to the Network, we can share our entire supply chain process also with consumers.”

Gabriele Corte, Ceresio Investors

financial partner

“Over thirty years of experience in international banking, often on the side of companies and entrepreneurs: by virtue of this for many years now I have been following the developments of Franco’s and Francesca’s projects and am happy to have an opportunity to begin a journey together through one of the most interesting areas of the food industry.”

Bruno Sfogliarini

market analysis consultant

“Thanks to the professional experience developed in IQVIA (IMS Health at the time) with Adriano Andriolli, I have been chosen by Heallo to contribute to the JAXplus launch strategy definition, making the most of my knowledge of the food industry, the health and wellness market and the forecasting of new products.”

Cristiana Cignatta

marketing and communications manager

“After years of experience as a marketing manager for important FMGC industry multinational companies, I decided to take up an entrepreneurial path. Here, the collaboration with the Varvello family began: I feel that having achieved various skills helps me have a more complete vision and know how to manage complex work teams, useful requirements to productively contribute to the Heallo project.”

The network

University of Pavia, clinical tests and research
University of Naples, clinical tests and research
Consorzio Tefarco Innova, clinical tests, research and regulatory aspects
Clever Bioscience, applied biotechnological research
Consilia BM, legal partner
VVA Debt & Grant, financial partner
MADE, graphic design and communications